Why can’t I just seal my driveway myself? There are many advantages to getting your driveway sealed by professionals. First of all, you’ll stay a lot cleaner! Also, most professionals use a product that is up to 4 TIMES AS CONCENTRATED as the sealer you can buy at the hardware store.  Finally, you can save your day off for doing something you really enjoy. Leave the dirty work to us!!

How long does the process take? Average driveways take about 1 to 2 hours from start to finish. Longer and dirtier driveways will of course, take a little longer.

How long do I need to stay off my driveway after you’re done? We recommend keeping cars off the driveway for 24 hours. Driveways that are in the shade should be given a little more time. As far as foot traffic(dogs and kids!), you can test an area with your foot when the sealer looks dry. If none sticks to your shoe, it is probably safe. Once again, shady areas will take longer to dry. When in doubt, treat the sealer like paint and be extra cautious!

Does someone need to be home when you come to do the work? No one needs to be home when we are completing the work. If no one is available, we will leave an invoice in the mailbox that is payable within 10 days. Our professional, courteous staff will ensure the safety and cleanliness of your property while you are gone. 

Scottie’s Top 10 Reasons to Seal Your Drive

  1. You won’t ruin a set of clothes, boots, and brushes
  2. Snow will melt twice as fast on a fresh, black driveway
  3. Keeps harmful elements away from asphalt i.e. oil, gas, salt & UV rays
  4. Seals asphalt’s natural oils deep within for extended life
  5. Hot tar crackfiller repels moisture and prevents further cracking
  6. It is cheaper than buying a new driveway
  7. Industrial strength sealer is 4 times as concentrated as the hardware store brands
  8. It will give your driveway and property an attractive new appearance
  9. We are a reliable, affordable local business
  10. It will free you up to do things you enjoy!